10 Boring, Generic Wedding Decor Items You Should Avoid

If you want a unique wedding that guests remember and remark on for its individuality and creativity, choose wedding decor that avoids decorating cliches.

What's boring wedding decor? There's three ways to know:
1. It's the cookie-cutter type that you see everywhere, that if you placed your hand over the bride and groom's faces in the photos, you'd be hard-pressed to work out whose wedding it was. 
2. It's the stuff you see offered within the choices of a standard venue decor package.
3. The other test is if you wouldn't ever choose it as home decor to enjoy afterwards at home, don't order it.

1. Ostrich feathered centrepieces

Ubiquitous at Great Gatsby Art Deco-theme weddings (dating back to a time when ostrich feathers were seen as wild and exotic), usually in white, black or hot pink, ostrich feathers have become a very tired decor alternative to floral centrepieces. These are often hired out by venues as part of their "standard decor package".  Avoid.

2. Crystal "ball" centrepieces

Imagine a crystal ball shape made out of ball-shaped crystals, stuck on a very tall (usually silver) stem, with an internal base for a tea light candle.  These typically are rented as part of a venue package.

The glittering crystal balls are meant to look expensive and diamond-like but their widespread usage has had the opposite effect.

3. Large martini glass centrepieces
These are the shape of a martini glass but much, much larger. They usually contain an LED light hidden within a large number of faux crystals to create a glowing effect. Often provided by venues as part of a regular decor package.

4. Eiffel Tower centrepieces
I'm not talking about Eiffel Tower vases which are very tall, slender glass vases in the shape of the iconic landmark, but actual scale models. If you're having a Paris-themed wedding, these are the all-too-obvious choice. Made of metal, the Eiffel Tower centrepiece stands tall on your table above your guests. They have the odd effect of making your table look "barren" yet if you add flowers, you won't see the tower detail.   

5. Manzanita trees with hanging crystals
Another too-common centrepiece option is the manzanita tree. They look truly lovely painted white and strung simply with fairy lights for a winter event (especially on a huge scale lining a wedding aisle), or decorated with birds and flowers to evoke nature in spring. However, too many of them are drowned in package strands of hanging crystals which manages to confuse, and over-expose the look.

6. White chair covers and sashes

Most people order white chair covers to disguise ugly chairs. When guests see a venue with a sea of white chair covers and coloured sashes, it looks surprisingly overwhelming for the space. What can make your event look somewhat more original is ordering sash colours in ombre shades to go from dark to light, or different colour chair covers per table.

7. Shepherd's hooks for ceremony decor

Brides typically order shepherd's hooks to line the wedding aisle at the end of each row of chairs, each hung with flower balls or mini lanterns. But this is one wedding expense you can cut.

Guests are often concerned they'll knock over or damage the decor (which stands at mid-thigh height). As well, guests worry that if they brush past the flowers they'll ruin their (or the bridal party's) wedding attire, or if it's a lantern, that they'll dislodge the candle and cause a fire or dripping wax!

8. Mini blackboard guest placecard holders

These have become so popular for rustic weddings that they have now become ho-hum as a placecard decor option. They are usually available with "stakes" to go in a potplant, on an easel or with a hanging wire. They are so small that you can't do much with them, and so generic that they'll be left behind.

9. White metal birdcages

White metal birdcages were once a unique decoration for vintage weddings but after being plastered all over Pinterest wedding boards, they have become a lazy decor option, usually filled with tea lights or roses and babies breath.

Unfortunately they are so mass-market they have become unoriginal and even kind of cheap-looking. The more interesting ones are original, one-off pieces made of wood, or cages painted in unusual colours or displayed in more eye-catching ways.

10. Organza bags of pastel jordan almonds
If you widen your idea of decor to include sweets, organza bags of pastel sugar jordan almonds is definitely a generic item to avoid. If you give the traditional five jordan almonds, package them in a more interesting container or order uniquely coloured almonds to create a buzz.

Why go for unique wedding decorations
Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life so you'll want to order wedding decorations you can keep and enjoy for the rest of your life.

Hire unusual and unique wedding decorations that you will have no further use for after the day such as the bridal arch, wishing well and table numbers, and order customised or original decorations that you will want to display and/or use in your home, or which makes your wedding memorable.

My Wedding Decor decorations and centrepieces
My Wedding Decor has a range of wedding decorations and centrepieces that are custom-made, personalised, unique and guaranteed to get your guests talking.

From steampunk style copper pipe candelabras to exotic 3D photographic backdrops of an African safari sunset, Paris street or moonlight tropical island for a fun destination theme event decoration, you'll find something to fit almost every theme.

And we have a wide range of personalised wedding decorations from custom labels for whisky, champagne and beer to custom illustrated wedding direction maps, tea towels and cake toppers.

Think beyond generic wedding centrepieces to items which get your guests talking, such as hiring live goldfish in bowls for a beach wedding, or copper and glass hexagon terrariums, ideal for fairy lights or miniature gardens.

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