What Guest Favours Reveal About You As A Couple

How many wedding bomboniere have you received - and kept - from the weddings you’ve attended?

You might want to consider what giving certain types of wedding guest favours says about you as a couple.

1. Picture frames
This is a practical gift – you can never have enough photo frames. You’ll delight your guests if your frame includes a photo of them, ready to surprise them on their arrival. Bonus points scored if you visit their facebook page to download a flattering shot, for thoughtfulness and creating moments of delight. You get slightly less points for including a photo of yourselves.

2. Custom glassware
Unless the majority of your guests are in their late teens or early 20s and have virtually no crockery, glasses or furniture to set up their first home, not many people will thrill to having a wine glass inscribed with your and your partner’s name and wedding date. Sorry. Nor will they ever use it until they have a massive party at home and bring out all the “cheap” glasses which are allowed to be broken.

3. Keychain
I still have the keychain given to me by the people who sold us the car, only because I cannot remove the car key. Unless it’s of, say, a five-star resort (in which you’re holding your reception), and of which many people would like to be reminded and even display proudly as they fling their keys down, please avoid this mass-produced favour.

4. Beach balls
You’re a fun couple – this would be an ideal favour at a beach-themed wedding.

5. Sugared almonds
You’re completely traditional and sweet-natured, if a little conservative.

6. Recycled/repurposed guest favours
You’re creative and concerned about being environmentally friendly. 

7. Disposable cameras
These make fun wedding favours and get guests into the party mood, snapping away. You probably don’t expect to keep some of the guests as lifelong friends, though, and won’t if other guests shoot them getting drunk and posting the pics on facebook.

8. Candles
You’re a practical romantic who wants to give something your guests can enjoy as they relax at home. So give them lightly fragranced candles in glass or steel containers for safe carriage home. But avoid giving kitschy candles in the shape of wedding shoes, coaches, dresses, cakes, couples, bouquets or garters.

9. Wine stoppers, bottle openers, flasks, bottles
Drinking-related guest favours strongly suggests the groom put his foot down and insisted on having his say in the choice of bomboniere. Either that or you and your guests are heavy-drinking party animals. Nonetheless, this is one item guests will keep.

10. Place card holders, napkin rings
You expect an invitation to a classy dinner party sometime soon at your guest’s home.

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