Work Out How Many Balloons You Need For Your Wedding Venue Ceiling

If you plan to have balloons bouncing playfully on the ceiling of your wedding reception venue, you may be surprised how many you need to order to make a big impact.

Before you order your balloons, find out the dimensions of your venue. There is nothing sadder looking than a huge room with a few lonely balloons bobbing about!

The average balloon is about 30cm in diameter but you will obviously need less if you order giant-size balloons.

There is an easy formula to calculate how many balloons you should order (and don't forget, if the odd one bursts, you need a few spare ones, anyway): simply multiply the length of the room by the width of the room by 10, 7 or 5.

If you want to absolutely blanket the ceiling in balloons so you can't even see the ceiling anymore, multiply the length in metres x width in metres x 10.

Multiplying it by 7 will give you a good amount but be warned, it looks too scattered and sad if you multiply it by just 5.

Here's some examples:

Yarra Room, The Langham Hotel, Melbourne, VIC - approximately 16.1m x 9.7m - to completely cover the ceiling you need at least 1,500 balloons, to get a good coverage, 750 balloons.

Agincourt Room, Curzon Hall, Sydney, NSW - approximately 19m x 7.6m - to completely cover the ceiling you need at least 1,400 balloons, to get a good coverage, 700 balloons.

Hinterland Room 1, Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa, Surfers Paradise, QLD - approximately 8m x 10m - to completely cover the ceiling you need at least 800 balloons, to get a good coverage, 400 balloons.

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