Why Guests Should Buy Gifts Off Your Wedding Gift Registry

Why, when you've spent countless hours putting your gift registry list together, do people give weird gifts that you haven’t asked for or added to your registry?

According to a psychology professor from Harvard, Professor Gino explains wedding gift givers want to be special and different when giving gifts. They do it to stand out... Unfortunately, they’re willing to do this at the expense of ignoring your wedding registry altogether.

Even when you're going to be much more appreciative of gifts you explicitly asked for.

While virtually no-one knocks back money, when you go out of your way to put together a list containing what you want and need for the wedding, Gino confirmed gift givers ought to be courteous and thoughtful enough not to dismiss these explicitly stated wishes. Otherwise, these unwanted surprise gifts will just end up regifted, exchanged or left in the attic, making it a waste for all concerned.

And if you're a gift-giver, stick to the wedding registry. You can always buy them something you really wanted to give them for their anniversary, birthday, bridal shower, Christmas, engagement party or housewarming.

Find out how to get the gifts you want from your wedding gift registry


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