10 Items You Can Make From Wedding Flower Petals

Here’s 10 fun ideas for inexpensive (or even free!) little gifts you can make from your wedding flowers that you could give as a thank you gift, an anniversary present, a housewarming gift, a Christmas gift, a Valentine’s Day gift, or even to another couple as an engagement gift.    Note: some do require more craftmanship than others! 

1. Potpourri

Your dried petals will look terrific in a vintage copper, pretty mercury glass bowl or classic cut glass bowl.

2. Lingerie sachets
Craft stores sell little gauzy string-tie bags to place the petals in – bonus points if you include a gift certificate for the lingerie!

3. Confetti for the next wedding
Most churches now ban paper confetti as an environmental hazard – and rice is out, now too! This could be a lovely idea if your best friend is next to get married.

4. A rose petal bath
Create a cellophane-wrapped gift containing the petals, some fizzing bath salts, a scrub mitt and a lovely smelling body moisturiser.

5. A pretty salad
Create a memorable green leaf garden salad (no mushy avocado, soggy tomato or wet fetta cheese)! Check the flowers are edible, though.

6. Decoupage butler’s tray
Stick the flowers down with glue and coat with a couple of layers of varnish. Voila! It’s a cute and one-of-a-kind housewarming gift.

7. Photo frame
Hit the craft stores, and buy a craftwood photo frame. Stick the buds down with glue.

8. A novel Christmas wreath
This would make a lovely gift for a couple marrying in November or December!

9. Table decor
Simply scatter the petals over the table as decor at a special dinner at home or again, if you’re feeling crafty, glue the petals around toilet rolls to make pretty napkin holders.

10. Petal candles
If you’re truly gifted at handicrafts, you could handmake beeswax candles, including the petals to give as gifts. Or simply sprinkle the petals around the base of a candle in a clear glass hurricane lamp.

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