The 5 Advantages Of Getting Married On Valentine's Day

Have you got your heart - and venue - set on getting married on 14 February?

1. Your husband (or wife) will never forget your anniversary

2. They can legitimately “double-up” on the gift that day, not having to give separate Valentines Day and anniversary gifts throughout the year

3. It is a popular and romantic way to start your marriage (about 2.3% of couples marry on Valentines Day. Of the 365 days you could marry ( 1/365 = 0.27%), almost 10 times as many marriages occur on 14 February as other days of the year. Then again, even more (3.1%) marry on their partner’s birthday

4. It reminds other couples of their commitment to each other as they watch you making your vows

5. If you’re marrying in the Australian summer you’ll be relatively fit and tanned for your wedding…

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