The 7 Disadvantages Of Getting Married On Valentine's Day

In my previous post, I talked about the 5 advantages of getting married on Valentine's Day .

Well, the not-so-great side of getting married on 14 February of any year is that it’s damn popular!

The 7 disadvantages of getting married on Valentines Day include:

1. Wedding venues are booked out waaaaaaay in advance, forcing you to look far and wide for an available reception venue. You may have to think laterally here.

2. Hotels are usually also booked out with canoodling couples which makes destination weddings harder to organise accommodation for guests.

3. You’ve chosen THE most expensive time of the year for florists to supply you with flowers for your headbands, bouquets, vases etc.

4. If you’re getting married in Australia, you won’t be able to have anemones, camellias, hyacinths, jonquils, arum lilies, lilies of the valley, magnolia, poppies, ranuculus, rose peonies, stephanotis, sweet peas, or tulips without spending through the roof, as they aren’t in season.

5. Since it’s such a popular date, some guests may resent having to share their wedding anniversary with your wedding.

6. It can be bad enough being single on Valentines Day but combine that with a wedding and well-meaning guests saying, “You just haven’t met the right girl/guy yet,” will send your fancy-free friends screaming for the bar.

7. It’s the hottest time in the southern hemisphere summer and the coldest (even snowiest) time in the northern hemisphere winter making outdoor weddings a sweaty affair in the south and a cause for major frostbite in the north!

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