5 Ways To Create An Eco-Friendly Wedding

If you’re really committed to helping the environment and reducing your contribution to biodegradable waste, you can make your wedding as eco-friendly as possible.

Here are 5 ways to really make an eco-friendly wedding count.

1. The smaller size, the better
You’re not vying for the Wedding of the Century are you, with thousands of guests? (I think Wills and Kate got that one.) If not, trim down your guest list to the most important people in your life—around 50 guests should be enough. The fewer guests, the more intimate and special the celebration is, and the less environmental impact you’ll be contributing.

2. Choose a green wedding venue
Shy away from expensive, energy-hungry hotels, and go for eco-friendly hotels, a party on the beach, or hold a daytime (where minimal electricity is required) garden wedding. Being one with nature is definitely eco-friendly.

3. Encourage eco-friendly wedding transportation
Instead of having everyone driving to the venue, why don’t you create a wedding carpool? Holding the reception and the celebration within close proximity is also a smart idea.

4. Send out save-the-date wedding emails
You really can't replace paper wedding invitations with electronic versions unless a) everyone can get email and b) your wedding is super-casual, but you should definitely contact everyone you want to invite with a quick group email to save the date so they don't organise something else.

5. Go for a local wedding florist
Check the profile of the florist shop, and make sure that their wedding flowers are 100% locally produced and not chemically grown.

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