5 More Ways To Create An Eco-Friendly Wedding

Our previous post contained 5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth for your wedding.

Here's 5 more:

1. Save money—and the environment—on your wedding dress
If you’re thinking about spending thousands and thousands for the wedding dress, you might want to rethink that. There are several eco-friendly and budget-friendly options, such as buying an eco-friendly fabric, buying secondhand, or renting one.

2. Put together an eco-friendly wedding gift registry
Think of the environment as you compile your gift registry. For starters, it’s much cheaper if you just post it on your website. Also, consider what you’re including in the registry and match them to your goal: an eco-friendly wedding.

3. Put up green décor
I don't necessarily mean the colour! Edible centrepieces, like bowls of fruit, an elegant terrarium or items that have been recycled are a great start.

4. Organic food
Although it would be mean to impose an all-veggie diet on your guests, you might want to serve only organic food that is locally produced.

5. Electricity and energy consumption
Be careful about how much energy (ie electricity) you’re consuming. Think of more creative ways to celebrate your wedding, such as by holding it by day, under a Full Moon, dimming the lights, or using patio heaters or candles.

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