8 Reasons Your Wedding Invitations Are Vital To Your Event

Wedding invitations send an strong message to your guests, setting their mood, anticipation, and even how much they may expect to pay for your wedding gifts.

Here's why you need to put a lot of thought into them:

Wedding invitation paper
The thicker the paper is, the more expensive it is. And the more expensive the paper is, the more likely will your guests expect that your celebration will be expensive! 

You will also give the same impression that your wedding is upscale from ordering invitations that are embellished, embossed, engraved, laser-cut or printed using thermography.

Wedding invitation wording
This is where your guests read through the lines; wedding invitations that are formally worded like an announcement mean that your wedding will be a formal event.

Compare to that to an invitation that says ‘We’re getting hitched!’, which immediately suggest your wedding will be more or less casual.

Wedding RSVPs
RSVPing is a matter of courtesy to the guests and a matter of control for you. You may want to include this in to plan food, seating etc with as few surprises as possible. Printed guest names suggest the invitations are set in stone. Handwritten and generic RSVPs are less strict.

Inviting a guest “Plus one” seems generous, but may put pressure on single guests to find a date so there are no odd numbers at tables.

Wedding gift registry
It’s quite expected now to include a card directing them to a gift registry for your wedding gifts. They’ll be more likely to choose something you’ve spent some time selecting and you’ll be less at risk of receiving something you don’t like.

Wedding reception card
If the wedding ceremony will be at a different place from the reception card, you might want to provide a reception card. It will give directions to the reception place from the ceremony venue.

Wedding directions
Self-explanatory, comprehensive, and detailed with the right number of landmarks—this is how the directions should be illustrated. You can have fun with this, creating a cute wedding directions cartoon map if it’s a simple celebration, too.

Wedding accommodation
For guests who will be coming in from afar, it is imperative for you to attach a list of hotels nearby, preferably in a range of prices, and even better if you have negotiated special rates with them.

Wedding itinerary
Most guests who attend weddings out of their city like to have a little holiday on the side. They’ll be more than grateful if you provide them with an itinerary of the best tourist spots around the area.

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