5 More Tips To Get The Gifts You Want From Your Wedding Registry

Further to my first post about getting the gifts you want from your wedding registry, here are 5 more tips to make your wedding gift registry a success!

6. Some guests won’t want to use your registry
Now I know that seems like crazy talk after you two have spent MONTHS compiling your dream list of items, but according to a wedding gift survey, 6% don’t like being “made” to buy you a pre-designated gift from your registry, while 12% select their own gift because nothing you’ve chosen means anything about your history or relationship with them.

However, a third WOULD buy something from your gift registry, 8% would select something you requested plus would give you something else as well, while 41% said the last wedding they were at had no gift registry! So take heart, 82% would buy what you wanted.

7. Include honeymoon-style gifts which aren’t just your flights and accommodation
Most travel agents require a deposit to book your honeymoon AND full payment no later than 30-45 days before your departure day – which is usually well before your gift registry closes (unless you’re crafty and take off weeks later). But as most people depart within a couple of days of the wedding, you will have to cough up for most of your actual honeymoon. Never mind! You can always include, depending on where you’re headed, registry requests for hot air balloon flights, sports car hire, scuba dives, sunset sailing, dinner, massages, facials or any of the experiences which would make your honeymoon one to remember. Added up, some of these can be equal to the flights alone.

8. Make it easy for technophobes to order
My mother still doesn’t own a laptop so she uses mine when she wants to check out a website. Make sure your wedding registry can distribute your gift registry via email, post and fax and take payments via credit card, direct deposit, cheque or money order.

9. Let your guests know what the gift means to you 
I don’t mean a thank-you card in this particular instance, but a nice touch is a wedding registry that lets you describe the significance or meaning behind each gift choice. Not Another Toaster does a nice job of this.

10. Look for special offers before you select your wedding gift registry
The wedding registry business is big business so check if they provide any special offers upon signing up. You may receive a gift with purchase or a discount on the total amount purchased, or prize draws. Others may offer you a gift voucher if you refer a friend.

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