8 Ways You Can Save Time Planning For Christmas And Your Wedding

How far away is Christmas Day?

How far away is your wedding?

Whether you're getting married in three, six, or 11 months etc, you might be surprised how you can save time planning both for Christmas and your wedding.

1. Make a gift list and gift budget
This applies whether you need to get Christmas gifts - or wedding guest favours - for your mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, brother, sister, half-sister, half-brother, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandmother, grandfather, boss, mentor, colleagues, best friend, friends, neighbours, and so on…

2. Plan your catering
Whether you're hosting Christmas dinner or a wedding reception, you can't serve a Meat Lovers Feast if 99% of your guests are vegetarians. Ham is a no-non for Jewish and Muslim people. Provide something healthy, even if it's a tray of carrot, celery and capsicum sticks with hummous. Will you make your own wedding lolly buffet or call in a professional?

3. Consider colour themeing
Retailers for wedding and Christmas alike tend to push new colour themes. However, you will need to make your own call on it. This year's Pantone colour may not actually suit you and your bridesmaids' complexions. or, for Christmas decorating - so don't buy it. Similarly, if you want a cohesive theme, and you're into the rustic look, don't get distracted by super-glamorous gold and black Pinterest images.

4. Check street addresses
You don't want your Christmas gifts - nor your wedding invitations - getting lost in the mail. Twentysomethings move a lot (usually back and forth to their parents’ house) while your fellow travelling buddy may have been relocated to Singapore from South London. You may be surprised how many people you see socially as friends yet you haven't the faintest idea of their street address.

5. Benefit from slow sea mail deadlines
You’ll save yourself lots on shipping with wedding suppliers if you plan ahead and ask for regular, non-expedited mall for your wedding item purchases. For the same reason, if you send gifts overseas this year via sea mail, the Australia Post cut-off dates for sending Christmas gifts for the US and UK from Australia are 28 September 2017.

6. Check your spelling
People hate to get their name wrong, so if y
ou’re ordering anything personalised or arranging your guest cards, make sure you know how they spell their name, and also, how they prefer to be called. Some Katherines, for example, go ballistic when called “Kate”.

7. Sign up with relevant online retailers
Many retailers - wedding-related or not - include special offers you can use right away while other enticements can include
birthday discounts, free shipping, free-gift-with-purchase etc – all of which can make buying Christmas gifts and wedding products that little bit more affordable.

8. Purchases gifts or wedding decor each payday 
You don't have to buy all your Christmas gifts and all your wedding items at once. While you do need to keep to your budget, if you purchase up to 10% of your discretionary income each payday on gifts and/or wedding decor, this will spread out your expenses and lessen the likelihood of that mad scramble in the days before Christmas Eve - and your wedding.

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