7 Ways To Make Wedding Item Shopping Bearable For Your Man

Does your man like shopping?

Even if he does, he'll find it even harder work traipsing around with you while you search for wedding decor, wedding dresses, wedding cakes, wedding flowers and so on on.

Here’s 7 tips to make shopping more bearable for men.

1. Don’t take him with you unless you’re shopping for electronics, camping gear, sports gear, hardware, clothing for him, or something that HE is interested in.

2. Look for a mall which has a bar, bookshop, war games shop, hardware centre, electronic centre etc, that he can escape to while you shop.

3. Write out a non-negotiable, SHORT list of what you want to buy written out BEFORE you shop, share it with him and stick to that list – or else.

4. Agree on a set time (even with stop-watches and alarm) that you will have finished shopping – remember, he is not your girlfriend who loves to shop.

5. If he does point out something for you to wear, don’t scoff at his suggestion – and if it does suit you, compliment him on his good taste. That way he may just go shopping with you again.

6. Make it a fun(insh) mission for him where he gets to exercise his innate competitive side. Go your separate ways in the shopping centre to find a specific item with a pre-specified brand, model number, colour, size, dimension, fabric or price – and see who’s the quickest to find it and /or who can get the best deal!

7. Or just shop online.



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