6 Ways To Create Maximum Visual Impact At Your Wedding

There are so many ways you can have all your guests blown away by your wedding when they walk in the reception venue. Here's 6 tips that could help you.

1. Buy multiples of the same item to make maximum impact
Buy glass vases in similar colours, finishes or shapes (taking care to change up the sizes), and arrange them in multiples on each table. This creates height and instant visual impact.

2. Stock up on candles
Whether you order paraffin wax, soy or battery-operated candles, tea lights or pillars, you can never have too many candles to create real atmosphere. Against, or on mirrors, it reflects to look like you have even more of them.

3. Submerge your flowers
Ever seen the James Bond movie where the shark is swimming in the aquarium? It looks huge! Use the same trick if you have narrow guest tables and not much space for flowers. Hire tall cylindrical glass vases and mirror bases and plunge your preferred flowers in the water. The glass, water and mirror acts to maximise the size of the flowers making it look like you've ordered many more.

4. Increase the green foliage
Leaves, fronds, trees, fruits and vegetables are available year-round - and they are a wise choice if any of your guests have allergies. You could also gather and spraypaint pine cones for a winter wedding, or embellish vases for summer weddings with limes, lemons and oranges.

5. Double up for guests
Do double-duty with your guest favours and place names. A rustic slate tag can be both a guest favour and a place setting. Or why not use a chalkboard on each table as a table number and menu.

6. Use your decor for catering
Your vintage cake stands will look great with pretty cupcakes. A wicker picnic basket is ideal for an outdoor wedding to hold everything. Mirrored trays can hold candles and strikingly pretty Moroccan tea glasses, while mercury glass vases would look amazing with silver Hershey's Kisses or gold Ferrero Rocher chocolates.


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