How To Write The Perfect Wedding Gift Thank You Note

Thanking your friends and family for sending you a wedding gift is really non-negotiable, but what do you say on your card which sounds authentic?

If you have a large wedding, you're likely to have quite a few guests and therefore quite a few gifts to express your heartfelt gratitude for, so how can you manage to write a thank you card to all of them?

You could, in theory, use EXACTLY THE SAME WORDING on everyone’s thank you cards – and no-one would be the wiser! It might take you only a quarter of the time, but it wouldn’t be particularly personal, would it?

Here's a no-fail thank you script to use for wedding gifts:

If you use gift registries you could always mention how much you’re looking forward to using the gift they bought off your list (that you chose, don’t forget – so there could be a story behind why you selected it) and how you’ll be thinking of them when you use it. 

Dear [guest name],
We were so delighted to see you at our wedding and we were thrilled that you gave us the [espresso machine/silverware/luggage/orchid candle holders etc] we love so much.

It was so lovely of you and we will think of you when we [drink coffee/have a dinner party/go on holidays/eat outside etc].

We look forward to seeing you again soon.


[you two]

Of course, you might not want to use this format if they gave you bedsheets.

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