8 Ways To Ensure Your Wedding Gifts Are Eco-Friendly

If you are keen to ask for wedding gifts which are kind to the environment, there are eight ways to know if your gifts are eco-friendly when you put your wedding gift registry together.

Carbon offsetting – of all eight requirements for an environmentally sensitive gift, this one is the one most companies (except ironically, possibly the largest) find hardest to meet, that the company provides carbon offsets.

Energy-saver/conserver – you could choose something which does not require enormous amounts of energy and resources to make - such as plastic – or you could buy an item which protects existing resources, such as plantation wood.

Ethically produced – there are thousands of companies who buy fascinating products from artisans in developing countries paid a fair wage for their products. Sweatshops in Malaysia don’t count!

Handmade – often falls into the ethically produced category. Something handmade is a real labour of love.

Locally made – if they have to fly it in, Mother Nature will develop even more frown lines. Bought – and made – close to home makes it very environmentally friendly, plus it keeps the money in the same community.

Natural materials – there’s something deeply satisfying and timeless about silk, cotton, wool, linen, wood, bamboo, stone, clay, copper and cane that an artificially made item will never have.

Non-toxic – kids used to die from lead-based paint on their toys and furniture. Why would you give anything that’s toxic to people or the environment? ‘Nuff said.

Recycled – you can buy amazing things that have been reborn from the ashes of a discarded product. Glass and metal can be melted down and made into new pieces, PET plastic bottles can be turned into clothing, old scuba suits get to live again as laptop sleeves, while you must have seen those green motherboards made into groovy new diary covers.

The most recycled wedding gift of all, of course, is a regifted one.

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