20 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue Catering Company

Apart from your wedding venue - and you! - looking gorgeous, of course, the other thing people will remember most about your wedding is the food.

And as we all know, food can take up the biggest proportion of your wedding budget!

Here's some questions you may want to ask when you're looking for your wedding venue caterer:

  • What do they serve? We've all been to wedding functions where half the table receives say, the chicken, and the other half, the beef, with guests furiously swapping their plates with what they really want.
  • Can guests request their preferred choice or is it strictly a 50/50 split of set dishes?
  • Do they specialise in certain food? A city hotel may have a greater range of dishes than a beachside venue which could be heavy on seafood
  • Can they colour-coordinate food to go with your wedding theme?
  • Can you taste a sample menu meal for free, or at least for a cost deducted from your wedding expenses?
  • Are catering costs a set price per guest or per type of dish?
  • Are you restricted to working with the venue's preferred caterer or can you use your own?
  • Does your caterer include tables, Tiffany chairs, linen, glasses, plates, cutlery, candles and centrepieces in your package?
  • Do you need to rent wedding centrepieces - or can you bring in certain items if you want to match your theme?
  • Is yours the caterer's only wedding for the day? 
  • Who are their waiting staff?
  • Is there a dress code or uniform? 
  • Can your caterer include a dish that's a favourite family recipe? Food that's vegetarian, kosher, halal, kids meals or special dietary dishes for certain guests?
  • Is your caterer preparing food fresh on-site, is it pre-prepared, or frozen?
  • If you're hiring a function room such as at a surf club, farm or school hall, what cooking facilities if any will you need to bring?
  • How do they arrange the food on the plate? Ask for photos of past clients' weddings or visit for a meal.
  • How will they serve canapes? Is it finger food? Do they give you a plate or just a napkin? Those big white Chinese-style porcelain spoons smear women's lipstick and are very hard to eat from, gracefully!
  • Do they include bar services?
  • Does your caterer include wedding cake-making and/or serving?
  • A reception held in a restaurant is more likely to give your guests at least three dishes per course to choose from.

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