Avoid This One Delivery Disaster At Destination Weddings

If you get married interstate (as I did) or overseas, you may want your wedding decorations sent straight to your hotel or wedding venue so you don't have to squeeze them in your already-heaving luggage.

So who is the booking for your hotel or wedding venue under? Your name? Your fiancee's name? Your wedding planner?

When you fill out the delivery address for your wedding decorations, make sure you fill out the name of the person who has booked that venue, function room or hotel if it is not in your name personally.

One of my brides-to-be ordered gold mercury glass tea light candle holders to be sent to the Sydney hotel where they were staying, but getting married at another venue.

She was unaware her fiance had made the booking in his name to get the hotel's frequent guest program points!

The hotel staff knew her fiance's name but since he hadn't included her (maiden) name in the booking, they had no idea who the woman was so they returned the package to me.

When I called them about it, apparently, even writing "Guest" next to your name doesn't work if you are not listed in their bookings!

I got her package sent back to her at the hotel in time, relabelled this time with her fiance's name and all was well.

Hiring wedding decor? Have you forgotten to add this?


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