Are You Inviting Children To Your Wedding?

Having children at your wedding needs special planning to make sure everyone has a good time, including them, but especially you!

Here's some handy tips:

  • Babies and toddlers will probably cry: all kids aged up to 15 will be restless as hell. Can you spring for a professional child entertainer, a nanny or hire a spare room in the venue they can bounce off the walls in?
  • Fancy black-tie events are NOT child-friendly while an outdoor wedding at a garden, park or beach is ideal to let little ones burn up energy 
  • Letting your smaller nieces or nephews toss petals up the aisle, hold ring pillows, hold up cute or personalised signs for the photographer as you come down the aisle, or hand out confetti are short, but fun, tasks they'll love to do
  • Give kids under 12 an activity pack, containing an activity book, puzzles, small toys, a couple of snacks, masks/glasses/tiaras and disposable cameras to keep them preoccupied
  • Consider having a kids-only table, with children's menu, which may bring down your catering costs
  • lolly buffet will be an instant magnet for all kids but you may need to consider the effects of them having a major sugar hit...
  • Teenage kids can help older guests with your photo frame prop and explain how to add photos to your Instagram account
  • Photo booths will keep kids of all ages entertained for several hours.

Let your littlest wedding guests hold up our cute wedding signs up for your photographer.


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