Original Wrapping Paper Ideas That Match Your Wedding Anniversary Gift

There are heaps of materials around your home which can wrap (or at least contain) your gifts, and which give a clue as to your traditional anniversary category gift within.

For your first paper wedding anniversary gift:

1. Road map
Highlight the towns you’ve travelled to on the outside. On the inside, include a lovely travel coffee book, experience gift vouchers from RedBalloon, getaway-related tickets or event passes.

2. Calendar
Whether it’s a cheesy pin-up or a cutesy puppy pic, they’re usually large enough to do the trick. Use last year's calendar, with your wedding date clearly circled, and inside, include a personalised, hand-drawn illustration of you both in your wedding attire based on your favourite photo from your wedding.

3. Takeaway menu
This is fun idea for your favourite pizza/Chinese/Thai takeaway food fan, even wittier if it’s wrapping the latest Nigella Lawson/Gordon Ramsay/Stephanie Alexander cookbook. Or what about including personalised beer labels as your paper anniversary gift?

4. Newspaper
Broadsheets are best as they’re bigger. Try and pick a page with the juiciest gossip. This could wrap a nice big printed canvas photo of you two.

For your second cotton wedding anniversary gift:

5. Bed valance/duvet cover
Its sheer size can hold a very large present such as a duvet cover, mattress protector or towel set, without using sheets and sheets of wrapping paper.

6. Magazine cover
Get ‘em wondering what ARE the 10 ways you can please a woman? And inside, include nice underwear for your cotton anniversary.

7. Tablecloth
Again, this is nice and large and looks great tied up with some raffia string and is ideal for homeware items.

For your third leather wedding anniversary gift:

8. Shoebox
Hopefully they won’t be expecting a pair of Manolo Blahniks inside – better use borrow an EasySteps one to reduce expectations…What about a voucher for hand-made shoes?

9. Old leather suitcase
Most people seem to have one of these in the garage or attic somewhere. It’s a big-enough container for a sexy leather weekend bag, a suede jacket or cowhide rug.

For your fourth fruit and flowers wedding anniversary gift:

10. Cooler bag
Inside, have a beautiful, chilled bottle of champagne and gourmet fruit such as a chocolate-dipped strawberry tower.


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