5 Things Couples Need To Know About Wedding Suppliers

If you're planning your wedding, you need it to be as easy as possible.

Here's five things you should know about working with wedding suppliers that will make the wedding planning experience more pleasurable.

We really want you to have a great day
This is one of the biggest days of your life so we want you to have a blast.

So whether it's a photo wall that all your friends will clamour to take selfies in front of, wedding centrepieces that all your guests love AND haven't already seen a million times before, an AH-MAZ-ING dessert that goes straight on Instagram or the best music that gets everyone on the dancefloor, these are the things that memories are made of.

If you're happy, you'll tell your friends about us. Plus we'll be thrilled to know our contribution helped in even a teensy way to make your wedding go so well because you chose us.

We know you're busy - but we are too
Just think: there are 150,000 couples getting married every year in Australia but only 52 Saturdays (so you might want to think about getting mid-week if you don't want to wait several years to get that venue).

Suppliers have dozens of couples competing for the same date. If you want that venue, car, cake or hire item, don't delay booking it.

We want to help you as swiftly as possible
We get that you want quotes like yesterday to make your decisions. We answer you as fast as we can. We want you to be able to tick that job off your list.

But this takes us to time to put together. Please do us the courtesy of responding and letting us know if you're not going ahead.

We try to be flexible however we have only so much capacity
Like a venue room that gets booked up, so does suppliers.

We have only so much time to make deliveries. If we get booked to supply decor at 3pm in St Kilda, we cannot be in say, Williamstown at the same time.

We are more likely to be able to help you with your wedding if your venue is close by.

Plan ahead so we can supply something you've bought (that's not perishable ie not food, flowers or balloons) at least a few days before.

We need as much info as possible upfront to give you an accurate quote
Find out what you can before you contact us. Here's just some of the things that may mean we can - or can't - supply what you want.

  • Does your venue have a preferred supplier? Do you HAVE to use them? You may not like what they supply.
  • Are there any special supplier arrangements? I had to change suppliers for a last-minute booking for marquee letters because the venue needed a police check that the first supplier didn't have, nor had time to get.
  • Does your venue have a 90-minute or less delivery and installation turnaround time-frame between events? This is common with big venues who book lunch and dinner-time weddings. This will increase your delivery and installation fees because you'll simply need more people to get everything done quickly.
  • What are the room dimensions? Depending on how many guests you have, this may change your table configurations.
  • What's the delivery access? Are there stairs? A goods lift? Off-street parking? This makes it easier and more affordable - or not - to deliver.
  • Does your venue have trusses to suspend lighting or ceiling installations? This can cut installation time.
  • Is it historic? Are you allowed to attach anything to the walls or floors? If not, you may have rethink certain decor pieces. 
  • Do you get a dedicated event coordinator? Are they there on your actual wedding day? It will reduce your stress if they're there to guide suppliers into place!

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