Wedding Decor: What You Should Rent, What You Should Buy

Should you DIY, rent or buy your wedding decor?There are so many wedding decor choices for couples - do you take the standard venue decor package, make your own decor, rent some items, buy it to keep it, or some combination of this.

Here's a guide to help you decide whether to rent, buy or make your own.

If you have the talent AND time, then definitely make your own decor. While having the talent is certainly important to getting a professionally finished product, running out of time will mean you make mistakes and have to redo your items.

If you're totally organised, consider making your own invitations, table decorations, signs, table numbers, guest favours, wishing well, lolly buffet or centrepieces - or cheat and buy items that you can embellish with your own touch.

Happily, you can make these months ahead if you know your decor theme and approximate guest numbers. This will also give you enough time to know if you're going to be pleased with them, or need outside help to make them.

However... Remember that your wedding cake needs to be made within 1-2 days of your wedding. The flowers will be at their best for up to 5 days before and after your wedding. Will you honestly have enough time to make those?

if you've hired a wedding venue, and you really don't like the standard venue decor packages they offer, considering hiring your decor, if they allow it.

Hired decor can be half the price or a third - or even less - of what it would cost you to buy the same item.

You should definitely hire wedding decor that you'll never need again, such as a bridal canopy, wedding aisle carpet, signing table, celebrant lectern, wedding wishing well, table numbers, chairs, glamorous cutlery, bar decor, floral arch, personalised dishes for lolly buffets, mirror basescolour wash lighting, charger plates, festoon lighting, outdoor furniture, and crystal candelabras.  

Hire decor items that make knockout conversation pieces for your guests that you really have no future use for besides your event. 

You can expect to buy any wedding decor that you can own and enjoy in your own home, that you don't know how to make look professional, and/or that is personalised (ie your name and wedding date), perishable (ie balloons) or edible.

Look at buying wedding stationery, balloons, wedding flowers, cake toppers, candy, the wedding cake (or wedding cake alternatives), signs, guest seating plans, guest favours, or dance floor decals.

When to rent and buy wedding decor
If you're hiring a number of the same item, you may want to own one as a memento of your wedding.

See if your wedding decor hire company rents AND sells the same item such as flameless candles, tealight candle holders, vases and centrepieces or lighting options.  You could rent some plus buy a few to keep for your home afterwards, for example.

If you have completely fallen in love with a particular wedding decor item, ask your decor company if they might agree to sell you ex-rental decor that has a bit of wear and tear, but is still perfectly fine for your wedding, and for you to keep afterwards.

What type of wedding decor are you searching for? Let us know and we'll help you find it.


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