9 Tips For A Cool Wedding Dessert Bar

If you have a sweet tooth and/or you want to treat your guests to fabulous sweets, whether homemade or professionally created, you'll want to design a wonderful wedding dessert bar or lolly buffet.

Here's some nine tips to consider:

How much should you order?

Experts say you should allow 100 grams per guest. So if you're having 100 guests, you'll need approximately 10 kg of sweets.  

However, I suggest you order less than that...

Most men, people with diabetes and those on diets may not consume sweets at your wedding and you don't want to be left with a mountain of sugary leftovers.

Order take-home sweets containers

For guests who want to take a few lollies or treats home, they will appreciate some kind of container to take their sweets home for their kids, grandkids, or perhaps for colleagues at work. Our coloured fortune cookie boxes are perfect!

Create a cohesive colour scheme for your lolly buffet 

The most amazing looking dessert bars are usually professionally designed. Contact us if you want some recommendations.

Why not design your dessert bar with a cohesive decor theme (ie iconic destination candy) or colour scheme (ie pink or purple), reflect the season (ie summer sweets could be blue, or citrusy, for example), or include personalised candy?

Pick a mix of flavours, textures and treats

These could include lollipops, gumballs, M&Ms, marshmallows, macaron towers, chocolates, cake pops, toffee apples, jordan almonds, mints, rock candy, iced cookies and so on.

Pick varying height lolly display containers for interest

They look best showcased in clear glass containers of varying heights and widths: narrow and tall, short and squat, round fishbowls, Greek urn shapes and so on

Is your dessert bar your wedding cake alternative?

Why not order a customised chocolate strawberry tower, or a scrumptious macaron tower?

Or amaze everyone by hiring a fairy floss cart to whip up fresh sugary confections in your wedding decor colours!

Get your sweets to do double duty as guest favours

Why not order sweets to thank your guests with? This saves you money, and gives your guests something fun to take home. Baby gumball machines make popular and cute guest favours!

How to avoid your dessert bar getting messy

There's a couple of options. You may want to organise an attendant, bridesmaid or family member at your venue, serving guests and refilling jars as needed. 

Or you may prefer to wheel it out at a certain time so that it stays pristine and clean until it's time to serve sweets. This is a great idea in particular if you have kids at your wedding.

Avoid serving black-coloured sweets

While they "look" stylish being served at a black-and-white themed wedding, the awful truth is the food dye in black sweets actually turns your teeth and mouth an unattractive green which could be a disaster for photos! Although you might not mind if it's for Halloween...

Check out our tips if you're having kids at your wedding.


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