Suggested Wording For Personalised Fortune Cookie Messages

If you're ordering personalised fortune cookies for your event as a surprise sweet treat, you're probably wondering what messages you can include to delight your recipients.

Our stunning, sugar-dipped fortune cookies give you up to five personalised messages per order of 50.

Just think, you could make a message that's specific to one table of 10 guests, depending on who you've seated together.

Wedding fortune cookie messages
As well as thanking your guests for attending your wedding, you can make a range of fun acknowledgements. What about:

  • Thank guests in advance for your presents eg "Thank you very much for your lovely wedding gift"
  • Wish a specific VIP guest a very happy birthday or anniversary if it falls on the same day as your event eg "Give Aunt Jennifer a kiss for her 40th!"
  • Tell your single guests where to mingle eg "All the single ladies: all the boys on tables 8, 9 and 10 are available!"
  • Tell them about your post-wedding plans "After-party is at [X] venue"

Corporate event fortune cookie messages
You can have great fun with your messages here, too. What about:

  • "We predict great opportunities about to reveal themselves"
  • "Thank you for making our product launch such a success"
  • "We see you having an enormously successful career"
  • "Thank you for helping us crack into this industry"

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