Create A Magical Setting With Wedding Lights Decor Hire

Most wedding stylists agree - it's the clever use of wedding lighting decor that creates the most magical setting for your outdoor, garden or fairy tale wedding. But what sort of wedding lights should you hire

String lights wedding lighting
String lighting puts you in the mood for a party the second you see it, strung up at your event! It suits vintage theme events, garden weddings, looks wonderful under marquees and has a certain country, outdoorsy rustic appeal too!

You can rent festoon lighting for your Melbourne wedding, corporate function or old-school party.

Each string is surprisingly heavy so if you opt for DIY decorating, you will need some help to attach the strings with strong cable ties to solid celling beams. 

Fairy lights decoration
One of the prettiest looks you can do is to jazz up your wedding decor with fairy lights.

Fairy lights strung with warm white coloured LED lights create a magical fairy(lit) land. Wrap shorter lengths (1.5m-6m long) around indoor trees, wedding arches, lolly buffets, all over the fireplace mantelpiece, or wound around your ceremony signing table. 

Your centrepieces can include fairy lights made of ivy, olive branches, or even winter wonderland trees dusted with faux snow and seed lights.

Tie longer-length (10m-50m) fairy light strings around columns, suspend from the ceiling or tie around trees using an extension lead to an electrical socket.

Or why not make an incredible impact by installing a fairy light curtain behind your wedding table, lolly buffet, lounge bar area or next to the dance floor. 

Wedding lanterns
When you plan to add wedding lanterns hire to your list of decor, what do you think of? Did you know you can order bespoke lighting that you can keep and enjoy forever in your home?

Our LED cordless lampshades let you add anything you like to the vases below - fish, flowers, faux gems, sweets - now that's a lantern with a difference!

There are so many decor schemes that lanterns can compliment. A unique green honeycomb sea glass lantern provides a relaxing, laid back feel, just perfect for your beach theme event!

Rustic iron and wooden lanterns can light the path to your barn ceremony, reception, bar or outdoor dance floor. Why not hire smaller rustic lanterns for your tables and hire the larger lanterns to complement the entrance to your venue, along your wedding aisle, on wine barrels or on a mantelpiece. Their weathered finish wooden frame has a nicely masculine air to it.

For a groovy, retro feel why not try our multi-coloured 60s lit LOVE sign, lava lamp or cylindrical lampshades as a fun feature for your lolly buffet, welcome table or behind the bar

Have you considered hiring mercury glass lights in the shape of balloons for your lighting?

Or point your guests to the action with a Hollywood Marquee Arrow or add some glamour to your movie-themed event with a Hollywood Marquee Star Light

Flameless candle wedding lighting
Looking for something flameless, no risk and no mess that still provides the ambience you're after?

Why not purchase LED pillar candles in warm white, amber or in a trio. Perfect when 
your venue won't let you use real candles because of fire risk or mess from melted wax!

The white and amber LED pillar candles feature a visible "flame" that flickers incredibly realistically with a smooth, wax finish body and even a slightly melted look at the top. The trio of pillar candles look terrific bunched as groups.

Please note, these candles look best when the faux flame is not directly visible!

The benefits of these unique lights is that compared with candles there is no risk, no mess and you purchase them to keep as a memory of your special occasion. 

Find out when to use wax pillar candles, tea light votives and flameless candles at your event.


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