Allow Budget Room For Wedding Decor Bond & Hire Delivery Costs

There are many wedding hire companies which don't list their items' prices which is frustrating when you're putting your wedding budget together.

But don't make the mistake of thinking that all you're paying is the hire cost!

Wedding hire companies charge a refundable bond - which can range from $100 to $300 per item - depending on the item, which gets refunded on the safe return of their product/s.

So it can be a shock to learn delivery can be cost as much or even more than the original item.

Delivery costs less if there is no installation involved ie it is merely handing the items over to the customer at the venue, if it is close to Sandringham and if does not need to be collected (known in the industry as "bumped-out") at midnight.

Here's some real-life My Wedding Decor customer orders:

Order 1
Order 2
Order 3
  • Hire 100m x warm white fairy lights = $179
  • Delivery, installation, packdown and midnight bump-out from Albert Park = $500
  • Refundable bond = $100
  • Total = $779
Order 4

Order 5

See how you can slash your delivery fees.


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