How To Choose And Hire Wedding Furniture and Chairs

If you need to hire wedding chairs or rent wedding furniture, you need to do some clever planning when it comes to your wedding ceremony or reception venue (or both).

How much wedding furniture do you need?
This will depend on how many guests you have, what type of function, and what type of guests. For example, if you have many older guests they will need a place to rest.

If you have toddlers at your wedding they will need highchairs and kids under 12 will need children's chairs as adult-sized chairs will be too low for them to eat easily at the table. 

How much furniture will also depend on the style of reception you have.

For example, a cocktail function where everyone mingles and moves around will need a fraction of the seats - and not even the same type of seats - of a formal dinner where everyone must be seated.

And then, the style of the function will determine the type of furniture required.

A country-themed event may call for hay bales and pallet benches while a classy garden party could suit Chippendale or peacock chairs.

Hire Wedding Furniture

Here's a quick guide to hiring wedding furniture, thinking about what theme they go with, whether they are good for indoor or outdoor, etc.

Hire wedding chairs

Peacock chairs - perfect for a celebrant chair at a garden or beach wedding.
Rattan armchair - great for giving your beach wedding reception that resort feeling.
Tiffany chairs - ideal for the bride that loves all things glamour!
Ghost chairs - a versatile chair for indoor weddings, they fit with almost any theme.
Wooden fold up chairs - light, simple and easy to set up and move. Perfect for an outdoor beach or garden ceremony.
Acrylic princess chairs - perfect for vintage or glamour themed indoor weddings. Another versatile piece.
Dark mahogany bentwood chairs - beautiful for an indoor rustic or woodland themed wedding.

Hire wedding sofas

Wedding sofas are a great way for your guests to relax their sore feet and to create a conversation corner. However they can be hard for pregnant (or elderly) guests to get out of, and sometimes stops guests from mingling as they are just too comfortable to leave!

They are a great addition if you have a huge venue as they can create a very welcoming vibe, cleverly absorb the space of a large venue to create a more intimate setting. Wedding sofas can also add to your theme: for example, adding a bentwood chair can create a vintage style, while cane sofas are great for a laidback beach wedding.

Wedding table hire

Rattan coffee table - Give your guests a place to relax and set down their drinks while watching the sunset at your beach wedding reception.
Wireframe cocktail bar table - Enhance your guests experience with tables that suit the space. Give a rustic edge to your wedding as guests sip champagne in a garden.
Vintage ceremony table - Having your wedding ceremony outdoors? Create a vintage theme and use this table to enhance the look.
Rustic long dining table - Create a lolly bar or a grazing table on this piece perfect for a garden, rustic or woodland themed wedding.

Hire stools

Stools are made for cocktail parties or when people are mingling briefly and moving around an area.

They have a "temporary" quality to them because they don't have a chair back for people to rest on which creates a lively and fun vibe where everyone can mingle with each other.

Metal Tolix stools - Create an industrial vibe with metal stools scattered around a warehouse venue.
Pallet bench - Great for a rustic outdoor event, these are great for guests to sit and watch the sunset at you winery or country wedding.
Bar Stools - Keep the disco going with colourful barstools throughout the venue.
Buy a special piece of wedding furniture

Want a permanent reminder of your wedding? It's not uncommon to fall in love with a particular piece of furniture, such as your wedding ceremony chairs or the dining table which served as your bridal table.

Why not approach your wedding furniture hire company and ask if you could invest in a special chair, sofa or table you can use at your wedding but also take home with you as a special memory from your day. 

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