Picking The Right Venue For Your Themed Wedding

What happens first? Do you choose the right venue for your themed wedding - or choose the right theme for your wedding venue? You might be surprised to discover your venue decision depends heavily on the theme you wish to have on your special day. 

While you and your stylist can transform a "blank space" function room into any theme, you will make your life MUCH easier and create an instant atmospheric impact if you choose a venue that reflects your theme.

For example, booking a surf club for an Alice in Wonderland tea party theme makes little sense and would require a lot of decorating to create the fantasy garden impression you're after.

Finalise your wedding theme
Rustic theme wedding
A rustic wedding is the polar opposite of a glamorous wedding and should never be held in a city hotel venue or function centre.

Why? You will never get the effect you want without having to add a lot more rustic props.

Rustic wedding theme decor include natural materials, natural colours and greenery rather than floristry. Pallet furniture, wood slice cake stands, festoon lighting, wine barrels, hessian linen, antler placecard holders and mason jars are popular decor choices.

Clever venue choices to complement a rustic wedding include an historic industrial-use building such as a wharf, warehouse, barn, shearing shed, farm, vineyard, or orchard. 

Destination theme wedding
A destination theme wedding is perfect if you can't afford to get married interstate or overseas where your wedding is the destination. It's ideal if you met each other far from home, one of you is foreign, or you share a love for a certain city or country.

You'll want to include destination theme invitations, fun city-themed destination sweets for your dessert table and signage to show guests how to get to your venue.

Why not consider destination theme wedding venue ideas like a Chinese restaurant, a Spanish tapas bar, a Bavarian beer hall, a Greek community centre, or a rooftop city bar which evokes a Manhattan New York feel.

Garden theme wedding
A garden wedding remains a firm favourite for couples who love being surrounded by nature, greenery and flowers. 

A garden wedding can range from classicly elegant in restrained white, green and silver (think about the style of formal French parterre gardens) to super-colourful and vibrant such as for a tropical garden wedding.

Getting married in a city park, a pretty garden, botanic garden, a tree-lined estate or a conservatory are wonderful venue choices for a garden theme wedding.

Garden weddings are typically smaller and more intimate and usually take place during the day which make them excellent choices for a warm winter’s day as well. Book well ahead if you want to marry in springtime!

Vintage theme wedding
The vintage theme is romantic. One popular type of vintage theme is Grandma's 1940s parlour with lace doilies, pretty tea cup sets, velvet upholstered loveseats and props like bakelite telephones and old-fashioned leather suitcases for your wishing well.

Or have a glamorous spin in vintage and decorate with silver mercury glass centrepiece bowls, tea light candle holders and candlesticks with lots of flowers and candles.

Ideal vintage wedding venues include tea rooms, a library, rowing shed, convent, private estate, historical hotel or a N
ational Trust property.

Beach theme wedding
If your immediate thought is sandy feet and hairdo-destroying breezes when it comes to beach weddings, think again.

There are at least four types of beach wedding theme decor looks including nautical marina, Hawaiian boho, rustic driftwood and underwater mermaid fantasy.

You can decorate with shells, clamshells, flamingoes, surfboard table numbers and/or blue colour wash lighting to get the beach wedding look you want.

Getting married on a boat, next to water, in an aquarium, next to a beach or river, surf life saving, sailing or yacht club all work beautifully for beach wedding theme decor.

Understanding the venue's logistics, restrictions, and flexibility
Before you fall in love with a particular venue, you should know that the restrictions which apply to certain venues don't apply to others.

For example, a city park garden wedding is easy for guests to get to with public transport and great for kids to run around but it probably has strict closing times. On the other hand, a wedding in a vineyard may require overnight accommodation but you can stay up all night having fun without worrying about bothering neighbours.

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is just one part of the process. If you want to get married in one of the Melbourne city gardens, for instance, double check their policies. 

Consider some of these questions for your themed wedding venue checklist:

    Does the venue have sufficient parking spaces?

    What type of permit should I secure to book the wedding?

    Is it easy to locate?

    Does it offer a sound system for the event?

    Are confetti, bubble-makers, or other items allowed in the venue?

    Is the venue close to locations where concerts or sports event happen which may make it hard to park or get to?

    Is the location child-friendly?

Whether it is for an intimate wedding or a grand ceremony, finding the venue and theme should complement each other well. Getting a little help from My Wedding Décor can help you make those essential wedding-related decisions.

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