Which Wedding Flowers Look Just Like Peonies?

Sometimes leading wedding planners and stylists decree that a certain flower is the "ONLY" one to have at your wedding - or perhaps you keep seeing a certain floral arrangement appear in all the cool wedding blogs.

And right now it would seem a wedding isn't "right" or even stylish without peonies.

But when are you getting married?

Do you think you - and even more importantly, your guests - can correctly identify the flowers? If you aren't quite sure what they look like, do you even need to include them? 

Do you know what your wedding ceremony and reception flowers typically cost?

And essentially, do you know when they're in season?

Peonies (photo 4) flower very briefly in October through November - so unless you're getting married during those two spring months, you have virtually no chance of having them in your wedding hire centrepieces without paying to have them imported.

Both carnations (photo 7) and lisianthus (photo 1) are available year-round.

Both double tulips (photo 3) and ranunculus (photo 5) are available year-round, but you will have more colours to choose from during Spring.

David Austin Cabbage roses (photo 6) and Rosalind roses (photo 2) are available October through May - the peak wedding season.

Find out what vases you need for your flowers.


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