What To Do When Your Wedding Florist Cancels On You

Occasionally, couples are unfortunate enough to have a floral wedding supplier cancel on them in the leadup to their big day.

They might cancel due to sudden illness, stock unavailability, a bereavement, an accident or, less common, because they have been double-booked.

Four years ago when I got married, our wedding tables were so narrow at Sydney's gorgeous Aqua Dining I decided to have the centrepieces as a trio of glass vases per table.

In fact, the immense difficulty I had in sourcing these wedding decor hire items for my destination theme wedding - I had to contact five companies - led me to establish My Wedding Decor.

If you submerge the flowers in the water, it creates an optical illusion of the flowers being bigger than they are.

This is also a clever trick to use if a number of your guests suffer allergies as they can't get hayfever from submerged flowers!

I used a Sydney floral wholesaler - which I won't name here - to order pink roses, pink amaryllis and white orchids, ordering these two weeks prior as advised.

Six days before my wedding, they advised they had no amaryllis. We agreed on pink hyacinths to replace the amaryllis.

The day before my wedding the woman advised my wedding coordinator they didn't have white orchids and wanted to swap them for white carnations to which I refused but said white roses were fine.

Then they advised my wedding coordinator they didn't have white roses either but would send them the following day ie my wedding day which was too late. My coordinator asked for more pink roses.

Then they advised the pink roses couldn't be delivered again until the following day, my wedding day.

As a result my wedding coordinator had to get replacement pink roses and white orchids at regular retail cost the morning of my wedding, and didn't have enough time to submerge the flowers. I was upset as the look wasn't what I wanted but we ran out of time. It also took me six weeks to get a refund from the wholesale florist.

One of my good friends in the industry, Thrive Flowers came to the rescue of a lovely couple last week whose florist had cancelled their wedding flowers nine days before their wedding.

While I don't know what the couple had planned with their flowers, they had to find a solution, and fast! I love the half-arch Thrive created here!

So here are some options when your wedding floristry plans falls through:
* If you have a wedding planner or coordinator they should handle it for you
* If you don't have a wedding coordinator, tell fellow brides and suppliers what's happened and get recommendations for a replacement florist on a Facebook wedding group, such as Melbourne's The Wedding Hub - you'll get help very quickly
* If your florist cannot get the flowers you wanted, ask about flowers that look similar in colour, shape and size
* If your florist cannot get the structure, plinths or vases you want, contact event hire companies like My Wedding Decor for help
* If you're running out of time, options or patience, consider simplifying your floristry order with a less elaborate and/or available wedding arch, garland, set of plinths, chandelier, bouquet or centrepiece.

Remember, your guests will think your ceremony and reception floristry is what you ALWAYS intended and will be none the wiser - in fact, if things go wrong, you may even need to come up with a fresh new look. 

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