What Your Wedding Ceremony & Reception Flowers Can Cost

When you're putting your wedding decor plan together, some of it is going to include flowers.

Here is a breakdown of the most popular floral items ordered for wedding ceremonies and receptions with average starting prices.

Note that luxury-name florists will charge more - and you'll need to book them fast because they can usually only handle two weddings per day maximum, up to four if they're a large floral company.

 Bridal party flower costs

  • Your bouquet - whether it's faux silk or made from real flowers - from $150
  • Bridesmaid bouquet - from $100
  • Groom or groom party floral buttonhole - from $50
  • Floral crown - from $80
  • Flower girl bouquet or basket - from $50

Ceremony floral arrangement costs

Reception venue floral arrangement costs

Find out how to create the perfect wedding centrepiece.


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