My Wedding Decor offers you three delivery options at checkout for your purchases.

1. All purchases (not hire items) sent by mail under $200  Shipping fee of $15 Australia-wide
2. All purchases (not hire items) sent by mail over $200  Free shipping Australia-wide
3. All purchases AND/OR hire items over $200  Buy online, collect free from (and for hire items, deliver back to) us in-store in Sandringham, VIC

See a date estimator for your wedding decor products before you buy them

Each wedding product for sale will show a dynamic date in bold above the Add to Cart button that you can expect your order to be delivered. 

For example, if you look at the product on 10 January 2017 and it said the estimated date of delivery was "25 January 2017", if you checked the next day (on 11 January), the delivery date would automatically update to say "26 January 2017".