There are so many advantages to booking wedding decorations hire.

You should definitely hire items if you don’t like the standard venue package decor available - and don’t forget, “standard decor” is never what they feature on those beautiful wedding magazines and blogs.

Renting wedding decorations will cost you as little as a third of what it would cost you to buy, and you won’t end up with items you can’t use or have no use for in your own home.

Check out our blog post, Wedding Decor: What you should rent, what you should buy for ideas.

Here are some suggested wedding decorations you should hire:

Bridal Arch

Hire an arch for your ceremony for beautiful photo opportunities, whether it’s a rustic wooden arch for a vineyard wedding ceremony or a glamorous silk bridal chuppah or something in between.

Wishing Well

Let your guests deposit their money, gift cards and greeting cards in a rented wishing well.

Festoon Lighting

Hire strings of festoon lighting to decorate a plain function space or to create a fun party atmosphere outside.

Gold Cutlery

Venue cutlery is typically dull. Why not add real glamour and pizazz to your wedding by hiring gold knives, forks and spoons. Your guests will feel incredibly special.