102cm Silver Metallic Foil Love Helium Wedding Balloon Letters


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With these amazing, big balloons, LOVE really will be in the air.

Your silver metallic foil balloons measure a huge 102cm making them a fabulous photo opportunity for any couple.

Walk with them down the aisle to your waiting partner, exit the ceremony with them, pose with your guests in the group shot, place the silver LOVE letter balloons at your wedding reception table, the bridal table or get guests to play with them at the photo booth.

These are self sealing balloons. It's best to attach a non-metallic ribbon and anchor the balloon with a suitable weight.

Note: When you inflate your foil balloons with helium (at any party store), please leave some room for expansion. Excessive heat could cause your balloons to burst while cold air makes the balloons deflate somewhat.

Please note this listing price is for the four letters in total.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 8 or later.

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