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If you're having a Star Wars-themed wedding or special event with 10 tables, hire our fabulous set of 3D illuminated centrepieces as eye-catching table numbers.

Why not match your geeky guests to the movie franchise's iconic characters?

Put your "naughty table" guests on the Darth Vader table, the wise elders on the Yoda table, the swashbucklers on Han Solo's Millennium table and perhaps the well-travelled on the Death Star planet.

Got any Army, Navy or Airforce mates? They get the Stormtrooper table while those in transport would naturally find their way to the AT-AT and TIE Fighter table numbers.

Place your more devilish pals on Darth Maul's table, and the kids on BB-8 and R2D2's tables.

The table numbers look 3D in shape, but the sheet of acrylic glass they're made from is actually flat.

Program all or any of your iconic table numbers to glow one colour all night, or to light up through a seven-colour series of green, light blue, dark blue, white, red, pink and yellow.

Each of the table numbers' light is generated by a USB power adapter which you can connect to a phone, charger or computer USB port.

Each LED table number measures 22cm high x 13cm wide x 9cm deep.

This hire listing is for a set of 10 individual Star Wars iconic table numbers.

Please note My Wedding Decor has a minimum $200 hire order: whichever item/s you hire must total at least $200 (excluding bond and delivery fees).

Please add the refundable $100 bond with your order by clicking the Add to Cart button on this link.

There is an extra fee for delivery and pickup, which we will advise once availability has been confirmed.

We can post these table numbers to you anywhere in Australia for your event hire. Please note there is a surcharge for table number rental outside Melbourne and you will need to send them back to us immediately and safely to obtain your refundable bond.

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