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Our transparent latex balloons give you incredible wedding and event decor flexibility.

They can mimic champagne bubbles for New Year's Eve, under-the-sea bubbles for a mermaid party, look incredible as a backdrop, and create a classy effect when simply massed together. Why not tie tassels, tinsel, or silk floral garlands to them?

Buy a bag of foil or tissue paper confetti dots and you can DIY your own designer confetti balloons (the trick to getting them to spread out is to rub the balloons with your hands - the static electricity will make them separate and stick to the sides, rather than the bottom, of the balloon).

Each balloon measures 30cm high and can be inflated with helium or air.

This listing price is per set of 100 clear balloons.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 21 or later.

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