Burnished Gold Baby Elephant Tea Light Candle Holder Wedding Guest Favour Set of 50


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The elephant symbolises strength, honour, stability and patience - all of which are simply essential for marriage! - and to Hindus, the animal represents luck, fortune, protection and a blessing for all news projects.
Delight your wedding guests at your Indian or Thai destination theme wedding or special event with our adorable golden baby elephant tea light candle holders.

They work as a charming guest favour keepsake, a tealight candle holder and a placecard holder for your guest's name on the elephant's side saddle.

You just know these exotic little golden elephants are going to be be snapped up by your guests as a lovely memento of your day!

Each gold elephant measures 5.7cm high x 7.6cm long x 5.7cm wide.

Please note this listing price does not include tealight candles.

This listing price is for a set of 50 gold elephant guest favours.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 22 or later.

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