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Oh my goodness, aren't macarons the best ever?!

Guests love macarons so why not order a set of 48 specially printed with your favourite photo of you two, or your names and wedding date, or perhaps a fun message, to place on your dessert table!

Choose your macaron shell colour (Tiffany blue, Egg Yolk yellow, Olive green,  Coral pink, Cafe Latte cream or Mustard yellow) per 24 macarons.

Then choose your filling (salted caramel, chocolate ganache, choc mint crunch, orange bloom, peanut butter whip or popping candy) per 24 macarons.

And send us your light background photo, names and wedding date, or favourite message (please note, the printed area of the macaron is 30mm in diameter). We will send you a preview of your macarons for your approval.

Each macaron measures 50mm wide in diameter. They are shipped in trays to protect them during transit. 

They will last 4-5 days on arrival at normal room temperature, 10 days refrigerated and 30 days if frozen on arrival. They will thaw in about 30-45 minutes from frozen.

This listing is for a set of 48 customised macarons (up to two shell colours and two fillings per set of 48), printed with your photo, names and wedding date, or message.

If you order today for capital city only delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 9 or later.

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