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Even movie star Liz Taylor, famous for her mega-carat diamond jewellery, never got an engagement ring as outrageously enormous as this!

I cannot even begin to imagine how many carats this engagement ring balloon would be in real life.

The mylar balloon, measuring a whopping 94cm tall, will look fabulous in your engagement party photos, as a fun decor piece for your bridal shower or as a light-hearted wedding photo prop.

It looks fantastic inflated with helium - can you imagine them bobbing above wedding guests' tables?!

Note: When you inflate your foil balloon with helium (at any party store or Spotlight), please leave some room for expansion. It doesn't cope well with extreme temperatures so excessive heat could cause your balloon to burst while cold air makes the balloon deflate somewhat.

 If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 15 or later.

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