Glamorous Silver Rhinestone Wedding Table Numbers


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One of the easiest ways to add bling to your wedding is with these deluxe quality silver rhinestone table numbers.

Your large-size rhinestone guest table numbers have a lovely elegant font, and they're big enough for your guests to see their table numbers from across the room with the silver rhinestones reflecting the light ever so prettily.

Resting on a 2.5cm high plexiglass base, the numbers measure approximately 7.5cm-10cm high x 9cm wide.

You receive 10cm long plexiglass holders for single table numbers (1-9) and 15cm long holders for all table numbers 10 and over.

This listing price is per table number.

    If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 21 or later.

    The silver rhinestone table numbers are also available for hire. 

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