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A wonderful rustic sign you can display at your wedding table - cute for photos - and a lovely memento you can take home afterwards is this sweet set of three wooden pine blocks, personalised with your wedding date and your first names.

The top block features your wedding date in number format (00.00.0000 day, month, year) within a black heart on a white background, and measures 8cm long x 7cm high x 3.4cm deep. Please note there is not enough space to provide your date in full written out format so your wedding date will appear as, for example, "16.12.2015."

The middle block features your and your partner's names in vinyl lettering. The middle block measures 18cm x 4.4cm x 3.4cm. Please note, the longer your names, the smaller the size they will be.

Choose your middle block colour background from the following colours: pale pink, pale yellow, pale mint green, powder blue, lilac, red, grey, plum, white or black.

The bottom block features the phrase, "Happily Ever After". This block measures 22cm long x 4.4cm high x 3.4cm deep.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 17 or later.

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